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Hi, Im Veda Im a singer/songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have always lived though music, when I was a kid I named my favourite teddy bear after some lyrics I heard in the car. This obviously started my obsession with music but specifically cd’s, from Rihanna, Adele, Hozier to Arctic Monkeys and some classics like Michael Jackson and Nina Simon. I pull Influences  more from the feeling in music from the swing in jazz to the gruffness of rock, I don’t know what kind of music I make but I love instruments and over dramatic lyrics.     

I feel like everyone has had a hard couple year coming back, I can definitely say I have, working on getting back to myself and finding out what I want.  All this had made writing kind of difficult, thats why High Spiritz my latest song is so exiting to me. I have also been working on lots of new projects for the future which I cant wait to share!

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Open mic performance with Jedd

Who We Are

As an aspiring artists, much of what I do could not be done without some solid group of people around me. To my friends for lending an ear to my music and my incessant talk about music. And Josh Raposo who produced Jolene my last single and future releases. 

My family always stood beside me. But specifically my sister Jedd who learns, sings, and plays my songs; and my brother who keeps me humble. 

Love you all!