High spiritz

Hi, long time no see I wrote a new single, its called High Spiritz. I drew some inspiration from the chilling but exiting vibe in Scooby doo music, with some subtle lyrics about vices and the battle you have with yourself.  

With a slightly GHOSTLY instrumental High Spiritz is perfect  perfect for spooky season. 🎃

I feel like everyone has had a hard couple year coming back, this is my fun project to remind me not to always take things too seriously. Ironic.   

Release date October 2023

High Spiritz snippet coming soonn! 




up and coming Manitoba Artist Releases Single

Jolene is the first of many music that I have been working on. As I strive towards “excellence”, I share with you one song that defined a challenging time in my life. In the midst of the pandemic, this characterization of Jolene meant a lot to me. While I no longer feel this way, I believe there are many young adults out there that would find that this song represents their feelings and emotions. 

Hopefully it causes them to reach out to someone who can help them overcome these challenges. Enjoy Jolene!  

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